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August, 2018

Big hall

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    № 13

    Ray Cooney comedy in 2 acts

    The play was awarded the Laurence Olivier Award for the Best Comedy of 1991

    Sergey Kurilenko
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    Too Married Cabman

    Ray Cooney Comedy in 2 acts

    John Smith may seem like an ordinary taxi driver, but he has been keeping a big secret.

    Yury Pakhomov
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    Mark Kamoletti Comedy

    “Boeing-Boeing" is a legend of French theatre of the last century.

    Gennady Mushpert
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    Perfect Wedding

    Robin Hawdon Comedy

    A man wakes up in the bridal suite on his wedding morning to find an extremely attractive naked girl in bed beside him. In the depths of a stag night hangover, he can't even remember meeting her.

    Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus Sergey Kurilenko

Small hall

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    A very simple story

    Maria Lado tragicomedy

    PREMIERE! Play М.Lado "A very simple story" really is very simple on unintricacy of plot, but nevertheless, affects the thinnest strings of the soul human, reminding us of those values that is lost in vital fuss, in practicality and pragmaticness of our life.

    Oksana Mashinkova
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    Aleksey Slapovsky comedy in two acts

    The scene is set in the maternity home where 4 women try to make the most important decision: to give or not to give birth. How will this world accept the new-borns? Will they have good families to take care of them? Will they be loved?

    Gennady Mushpert

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