Butterflies Are Free

Butterflies Are Free
by Leonard Gershe
Translated by Mikhail Mishin
Director: Sergey Kurilenko
Design: Olga Shcherbinskaya
Music arrangement: Anatoly Kandyba
Search for a personal way and goal of life will always worry the young. One is born on the Earth for self-realization in profession, love, and family…
Both he and she are young and talented. His dream is to become a great rock musician, her dream is to become a great actress. And both of them dream of winning New York. Here they meet by accident and fall in love with each other by law of genre. «The American dream» comes true? Yet, life is not as generous with «happy ends» as Hollywood film directors. But may be the heroes still do have hope of becoming as free as butterflies?..
Svetlana Moretskaya, Igor Ulanov, Nikolay Vilimovich, Maria Meleshko, Tatyana Vilimovich, Aleksandr Demyanov
Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes
Opening date: 16 November 2013
Language: Russian
Ages: 14+
Нажмите на ссылку и смотрите отрывки из спектакля http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Agfly6EM1y8&feature=youtu.be