Афиша - 08.07.2018

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    Golden Chick

    Vladimir Orlov Fairy-tale

    A cunning fox makes a wolf hatch a stolen egg. In a while, an adorable golden chick appears. It is so cute that the wolf gets to love it as if it were its own child. However the fox who likes chicken meat, has its own plans for the chick…

    Aleksandr Glotov
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    451 Fahrenheit

    Adolf Shapiro according to Ray Bradbury's novel phantasy

    The play “451 Fahrenheit” is based on the anti-utopia novel by Ray Bradbury, published in 1953.
    The epigraph of the novel states that the ignition temperature of the paper is 451 ° F (233 ° C). The novel describes a society that relies on mass culture and consumer thinking, in which all books that make you think about life are subject to burning. Keeping books is a crime; and people who are able to think critically, are outlawed.

    Gennady Mushpert