Orange Hedgehog

Orange Hedgehog
by Sergey Belov and Sergey Kuvalov
Fairy tale
Director: Aleksandr Glotov
Design: Galina Ivanova
Composer: Anatoly Kandyba
Choreography: Larisa Dubrovskaya
In the forest, that is not scary at all, there lives a gray-white hare who is scared of the whole world but especially of the wolf. Surprisingly, the wolf in this forest is kind and fair. The main spoiler here is a crow. One day the crow steals a toy from a kindergarten – a funny orange hedgehog. The hedgehog finds himself all alone in a strange forest.
Tatyana Ablens, Vladimir Kapranov, Larisa Dubrovskaya, Maria Meleshko, Natalya Leonova.
Duration: 45 minutes
Opening date: 28 May 2006
Language: Russian
Ages: 6+