There Lived Two Girolles

There Lived Two Girolles
by Valery Zimin
Fairy tale
The scene of the fairy tale is laid in the forest. Little mushrooms are the main characters of the story. As it usually happens in fairy tales, some mushrooms are good and some are bad. An awful thing happens in the forest – the Toadstool steals the fuzz-ball. The forest becomes dry…  How can mushrooms survive without rain? They set off to find and rescue the fuzz-ball.
Director: Aleksandr Glotov
Design: Galina Ivanova
Composer: Anatoly Kandyba
Choreography: Larisa Dubrovskaya
Oksana Mashinkova, Anastasia Muchko, Tatyana Ablens, Sergey Savko, Aleksandr Matveychik, Irina Kupchenko, Aleksey Stonoga, Vasily Minich.
Duration: 55 minutes
Opening date: 24 December 2004
Language: Russian
Ages: 6+