• When we, the dead, wake up

    When we, the dead, wake up

    But the director Saulius Varnas with our chief artist Tatyana Sokolovskaya don’t limit themselves just using the retelling of story.

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  • Duets


    Is dedicated to “International Day of Hugs”...

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  • A very simple history

    A very simple history

    Play М.Lado "A very simple history" really is very simple on unintricacy of plot, but nevertheless, affects the thinnest strings…

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  • Suicide


    A protagonist quarrels with a wife by Masha from liver sausage, but a domestic conflict quickly outgrows in a conflict…

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  • Small Conjugal Crimes

    Small Conjugal Crimes

    The play of the French playwright Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt is written in a rare genre – the genre of a family…

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  • The Sacred Monsters

    The Sacred Monsters

    Every time the curtain is raised, the theatre makes itself open offering revelation. Welcome to our bizarre world where everything…

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  • Perfect Wedding

    Perfect Wedding

    A man wakes up in the bridal suite on his wedding morning to find an extremely attractive naked girl in…

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  • Hunting for Rats

    Hunting for Rats

    Almost all girls dream of meeting a man from whom there would be no need to hide anything. A man…

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  • 451 Fahrenheit

    451 Fahrenheit

    Guy Montag works as a "fireman" being sure that he is doing his job "for the benefit of humanity". But…

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