№ 13

by Ray Cooney
Authorized translation: Mikhail Mishin
Director: Sergey Kurilenko
Design: Aleksandr Surov
Music arrangement: Anatoly Kandyba
Choreography: Aleksandr Tebenkov
The play was awarded the Laurence Olivier Award for the Best Comedy of 1991.
The action takes place in London. The assistant of the Prime Minister Richard Willey rents Westminster hotel room #13 for a date with his secretary Jane Uorzington. Whether the effect of the ill-fated room or a fatal combination of circumstances; everything prevents their illicit passion. The corpse of an unknown man was found in the room which is constantly intruded by importunate hotel manager, Willie’s wife, Jane’s husband and other occasional visitors. And poor George Pigden who is a Richard Willy’s assistant has to put things right...
Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Shelkoplyasov, Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus Sergey Kurilenko, Vasily Minich, Svetlana Zavadskaya, Oksana Plikus, Maria Meleshko, Aleksandr Demyanov, Natalya Leonova, Sergey Savko, Aleksandr Kologriv, Valentina Kharitonova.
Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes
Opening date: 29 April 2011
Language: Russian
Ages: 14+