A very simple story

Maria Lado
Very simple history
Director Oksana Mashinkova
Design Nadezhda Bielowa
Music arrangement Anatoly Kandyba
Choreography  Victoria Baltser
    Play М.Lado "Very simple history" really is very simple on unintricacy of plot, but nevertheless, affects the thinnest strings of the soul human, reminding us of those values that is lost in vital fuss, in practicality and pragmaticness of our life.
   An action takes place in to the barn. And home animals tell us about life and death, about their balance and equilibrium, about devotion, selflessness, about a sin and, finally, about all-conquering forgiveness and love!
Duration: 2 hours 
Opening date: 9-10 June 2018
Language: Russian
Ages: 14+