All mice love cheese

Dula Urban
All mice love cheese
Fairy tale
Director - Sergey Kurylenko
Designer - Olga Shcherbinskaya
Musical arrangement - Anatoly Kandyba
    The tale of the Hungarian writer Dyula Urban “All mice love cheese” is an almost Shakespearean story about Romeo and Juliet. Only for children.
The main characters - the white mouse Fruzhi and the gray mouse Shoma met at the creamery and made friends. But their friendship is hindered by their parents. They are organizing a real mouse war! But the children like each other so much and so want to be friends that they desperately and fearlessly go for help to the Cat-magician for help.
Cast list:
Valentina Kharitonova, Alexander Demyanov, Nikolay Vilimovich, Vasily Minich, Veronika Minich, Natella Belugina, Evgeny Puzhaylo
Duration: 45 minutes
Premiere: 11 April 2020
Language: Russian
Ages: 6+