Baby Elephant and the Moon

Based on David Samoylov’s fairy tales
Baby Elephant and the Moon
 fairy tale
Director: Oksana Mashinkova
Design: Nadezhda Belova
Music arrangement: Anatoly Kandyba
Choreography: Victoria Baltser
    We all had childhood dreams…
Somebody dreamt of becoming an athlete and winning the Olympic Games, somebody wanted to make exciting discoveries, somebody dreamt of becoming a great actor…  Whatever the dream is, one should work hard to make it come true.
…Baby Elephant dreams of flying to the Moon! For such a journey one needs knowledge and, most of all, a reliable crew – true friends!
You are welcome to enjoy the performance which will tell you an amazing story of how Baby Elephant traveled to the Moon.
Igor Ulanov, Tatyana Ablens, Vasily Minich, Irina Kupchenko, Natella Belugina, Aleksey Stonoga, Anastasia Muchko, Veronica Minich, Natalya Leonova.
Duration: 50 minutes
Opening date: 12 November 2016
Language: Russian
Ages: 6+