Hunting for Rats

Hunting for Rats
by Peter Turrini
Tango without intermission
Director: Gennady Mushpert
Design: Nadezhda Kasperchik
Musical arrangement: Anatoly Kandyba
Almost all girls dream of meeting a man from whom there would be no need to hide anything. A man who would always understand, forgive and never judge.
Almost every guy wants to meet a girl in front of whom there would be no need to pretend or try to seem better, not one usual self. But such dreams most often remain just dreams. It's not so easy to be one's own self.
Our characters are making such a heroic attempt. And they succeed. Nearly. It would have worked out if this world would not be so harsh.
Aleksandr Kologriv, Maria Butrimovich, Aleksey Stonoga, Veronica Minich.
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
Opening date: 3-4 June 2017
Language: Belarusian
Ages: 16+