Money how a rain

Sebastien Tieri
Money how a rain
Stage-director-producer - the honoured artist of Republic Belarus  Sergiej Кurylenkо
Scenografia -  Nadezhda Bielowa
Music arrangement - Anatoly Kandyba
     Absurd  situation. You would be happy, if for you regularly money appeared in an apartment? And more and more. You can buy all, that you will want! Do not limit yourself, because money like rain pouring on you! Tempting? On what you are capable for that? How would be able  to dispose of situation? As far as strong, to manage to her? And a situation can will become to dictate terms to you?
     This story happened with a married couple. How money can change a person, what people are willing to do for their sake and whether happiness depends on their amount, actors Vasily Minich, Natalia Leonova, Oksana Plikus, Sergey Venskovich will tell us from the stage.
A theatrical idzie a tongue Russian.