Sex, love and taxes

U.Van Zand and J.Milmore
Sex, love and taxes
Directed by Gennady Mushpert
Artist designer: Tatyana Sokolovskaya
Musical design: Anatoly Kandyba
In the play are busy:
Natella Belugina, Sergei Savko, Dmitry Rubel, Nikolay Vilimovich, Igor Ulanov, Svetlana Zavadskaya, Alexander Kologriv, Elizaveta Milintsevich, Vladimir Kapranov
Youth is the most difficult period in a person's life. So many problems! Love, friendship, but also ... money! Where to get them, if you still feel in this world not confidently? But it turns out that if you take care too much about money in your youth, you can miss the best time of your life! Sex, love and taxes is a comedy which tells us about the main characters’ sacrifices and tricks that can be done by them but only for the sake not paying  their taxes to the government.
The premiere on the 29th,  30th of September, 2018.