The Open Couple

by Dramatic Art Nobel Prize Laureate Dario Fo and Franca Rame
The Open Couple
Family comedy in 2 acts
Director: Andrey Guziy
Design: Aleksandr Surov
The Open Couple explores serious themes but is set up as a farce with plenty of slapstick and humour, as the actors confide in the audience and invite you to see it from their point of view. It will amuse, entertain and keep you guessing till the final act.
The play takes the form of a conversation between husband and wife discussing the pros and cons of open marriage.
He explains why faithfulness is uncivilized and open marriage politically correct so clearly wife needs to get with it and open her mind to new ways of relating... which she does. She falls in love with a Nobel prize nominated professor… much to husband’s dismay.
So, does it work – the open relationship?
Oksana Plikus, the Honored Actors of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Shelkoplyasov and Sergey Kurilenko.
Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes
Opening date: 31 March 2012
Language: Russian
Ages: 18+