The Overcoat

The Overcoat
by Julian Tuwim
Based on Gogol’s “The Overcoat”
Translated from Polish by Gennady Mushpert
Directed: Piotr Dombrowsky (Bialystok, Poland)
Design: Aleksandr Surov
Costume design: Olga Scherbinskaya
Music arrangement: Anatoly Kandyba
Choreography: Aleksandr Tebenkov
The familiar saying: «We all come out from Gogol’s “Overcoat”» aphoristically and precisely characterizes Gogol’s influence on Russian literature and «a little man» theme in it.
A little man is Akaky Akakievich whose job is to copy documents. He enjoys it and even brings work home. Entertainments and the pleasures of friendship do not exist for him. Having copied documents to his heart’s content he goes to bed smiling and anticipating the next day’s copies. But an unexpected event breaks the peaceful order of his life.
Gogol’s picture of the world with its disharmony between power and a person, its humanistic idea inspired the Polish poet Julian Tuwim to write a play «The Overcoat». Most of the dialogues written by Tuwim are in Gogol’s style.
Aleksandr Kologriv, Vasily Probodyak, Sergey Kurilenko, Nikolay Vilimovich, Aleksandr Lutsenko, Aleksandr Shelkoplyasov, Aleksey Stonoga, Sergey Savko, Aleksandr Demyanov, Vasily Minich, Aleksandr Bobrovsky, Nikolay Emelyanov, Vladimir Kapranov, Igor Ulanov, Alla Lukyanova, Tatyana Vilimovich, Oksana Mashinkova, Maria Meleshko, Oksana Plikus, Anatoly Kandyba.
Duration: 2 hours
Opening date: 15 May 2014 
Language: Russian
Ages: 12+