The Widow, Shorty, Seal and Others

Keren Klimovsky
The Widow, Shorty, Seal and Others
lyrical comedy
Director: Gennady Mushpert
Stage design: Nadezhda Bielowa
Composer: Anatoly Kandyba
    Keren Klimovsky - Russian playwright, prose writer, translator. She can be called a citizen of the world. Born in Moscow. At the age of five, she and her family repatriated to Israel. She lived in Minsk, and then in St. Petersburg. In 2008, she simultaneously graduated from two faculties of Brown University (USA): theater and comparative literature (English, Russian, French). In April 2014 she defended her doctoral dissertation at the Slavic Department of the same university. Today lives in the city of Malmo (Sweden). In 2012, together with musician, composer and actor Elias Fayngersh founded the KEF Theater.
The play by K. Klimovsky “The Widow, Shorty, Seal and Others” is woven from three short stories about love. Three short stories, three love stories. Simple stories told by ordinary people.
Here is a widow for whom love is when you keep promises ...
Here is a guard in a circus who carried his childhood love through his life ...
For a housewife, love is the fear of losing her ... Indeed, the longer happiness lasts, the more expensive it will be to pay for it.
All the characters, so different and not like each other, are trying to answer the question - so what is love?
Aleksandr Kologriv, Igor Ulanov, Oksana Plikus, Tatiana Vilimovich, Alex Stonoga, Anna Ivanova, Dmitry Rubel, Natalia Leonova, Polina Levina               
Duration: 2 hours
Premiere: March 2020
Language: Rusian
Ages: 12+