Time and Family

John Boynton Priestley
Time and Family
The story of one family
Director: Gennady Mushpert
Design: Tatyana Sokolovskaya
Music arrangement: Anatoly Kandyba
     John Boynton Priestley, the author of the drama “Time and the Conways” first bring us to one window where we see mother Mr. Convey full of energy and expectations for the future and her 6 children pending happiness. Then, following the author, we come the other window where we see the same family but 18 years later when expectations have not been realized and hopes have been disappointed. The author works a miracle again – he brings spectators to the first window and replaces us in the very evening 18 years ago, when all were young and happy.
     You ask if it is possible in reality. Maybe it was just a dream of the middle daughter Kaye or her prophetic gift. In the first scene the girl asks if we are given to see our future. From material point of view, it is impossible. However, theatre is there to show wonders. Moreover, if there really were such a wonderful window through which it would be possible to see the future, perhaps people would be more merciful, careful and affectionate to each other. Moreover, a famous exclamation «If I only knew! » wouldn’t sound so tragic and hopeless.
Duration: 2 hours
Opening date: 17 May 2019
Language: Russian
Ages: 16 +