Two Marfushas

Two Marfushas
by Oksana Mashinkova
Fairy tale
In the house on the edge of the forest there lived two sisters: Marfusha Senior and Marfusha Junior. The elder sister is diligent and hard-working while the younger sister is lazy and disobedient. Marfusha Junior wants neither to study nor help about the house. All she wants is to stay in bed all day long and eat tasty things. One day she even decides to deceive Marfusha Senior to lay hands on the trunk full of presents belonging to the elder sister. But as we all know cheat never goes unpunished. Huge ears and an ugly nose appear on the younger sister’s face. Will she be able to get her usual looks back? Will she understand that laziness and lying never do any good?
Director: Oksana Mashinkova
Design:  Nadezhda Kasperchik
Music arrangement: Anatoly Kandyba
Choreography: Victoria Baltser
Tatyana Ablens, Maria Meleshko, Olga Zhadko.
Duration: 50 minutes
Opening date: 10 June 2017
Language: Russian
Ages: 3+