And again premiere

  On September 27, the premiere took place. This time "A Сomedy About an Unhappy Peasant, His Wife Malanka, Jew David, and Devil Who Has Lost His Reason for Existence" by Vladimir Rudov.
This is a performance about how the Peasant gets offended with Adam – first man created by God – as by sinning Adam made ordinary people suffer. One day the Devil himself comes to the Peasant and asks: “Who are you? What do you deserve?” The Devil suggests that the Peasant challenges himself and tests his will. The Peasant does it not for nothing, but for money.
Will the Peasant complete the challenge?
 Director: Gennady Mushpert
Stage design: Nadezhda Bielowa
Composer: Anatoly KandybaCast:
Aleksandr Kologriv, Oksana Mashinkova, Igor Ulanov, Vasily Minich.
Duration: 2 hours
Opening date: January 1995
Language: Belarusian
Ages: 12+
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