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theatrical and musical performance
Directed by Anatoly Kandyba
Production designer: Nadezhda Kasperchik
Light and video design: Victor Yakusik
Musical arrangement: Anatoly Kandyba
Choreographer: Victoria Baltser
      As you know, holiday is a good thing! There are a lot of kind of holidays: global, state or personal. Practically for each of the 365 days something of them comes. However, there is a category of holidays that are holidays by themselves, for example: “Fool's Day” or “International Day of Hugs”. But there is another wonderful and famous holiday with a long history, because it was born in 1973. Its name is "World Day of Greetings."
The Grodno Regional Drama Theater which regularly responds to such interesting holidays did not stand aside and prepared theatrical and musical performance “Duets”. It will take place on the big theater stage in November 21’st, 2018.
    The sophisticated Grodno audience will meet artists of the theater Irina Garankina and Stella Fidzi, who are so familiar to them. A public will discover new facets of the creative portrait of Alexandr Shelkoplyasov and Anna Ivanova, become a witness of the dialogue of the actor of the theater Alexandr Kologriva with himself, enjoy the magnificent choreography of Victoria Baltser.  The main idea of the concert that came up from the chief of the musical part of the theater Anatoly Kandyba was to show the diversity of genres and styles of theatrical and musical art in various, sometimes in unexpected combinations. Well, the audience, we hope, will get real pleasure from what will be happen on the Grodno scene and will take part in this wonderful international holiday!
   In the program take part:
Irina Garankina, Stella Fidzi, Anna Savitskaya, Victoria Baltser, Ella Okolova, Merited Artist of the Republic of Belarus Alexandr Shelkoplyasov, Minich Vasiliy, Anna Ivanova, Alexandr Kologriv, Nikolai Vilimovich, Tatyana Vilimovich, Alexey Stonoga, Polina Levina
  A premiere are in November of 21’st, 2018

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