Sex, love and taxes

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W. Van Zand and J. Milmore
Sex, love and taxes
Youth is the most difficult period in a person's life. So many problems! Love, friendship, but also ... money! Where to get them if I have not settled in this world yet? But it turns out that if you care too much for money in your youth, to save a few pennies and make ends meet, you can pass the same better as in your youth! "Sex, love and taxes" - this is a sitcom in which she talks about what sacrifices and cunning are ready to go to the main heroes, just to pay you less taxes.
Directed by Gennadiusz Muszpiert
Production designer - Tatiana Sокоłowska
Accompaniment - Anatoly Каndyba
The play is played by:
Natella Beługina, Sergej Sawko, Alexander Kologriw, Mikolaj Wilimowicz, Svetlana Zawadskaya, Igor Ulanov, Wladimer Kapranow, Elizaweta Milincewich.
Duration 2 hours and 10 minutes.
The premiere on September 29, 2018
The performance is played in Russian.

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