When we, the dead, wake up

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When we, the dead, wake up
Henrik Ibsen
metaphysics of love
     “When we, the dead, wake up” is a play by G. Ibsen where there is an intricate enough and almost detective story. But the director Saulius Varnas, who has come to introduce us to the creative work of the Norwegian playwright, with our chief artist Tatyana Sokolovskaya don’t limit themselves just using the retelling of story. They continue G. Ibsen's researching of metaphysics of love and believe in the mystery of eternal life that exists near the ordinary and visible life, because our attitude to the Infinite is the biggest difference between us and other human beings.
     In the heroes of the play there are silent stubbornness and concentration of healthy and intact people - calm and thoughtful, who close to nature. Ibsen was looking for heroes striving for a brighter future and his heroes are a product of a thinker, not a writer.
     This play is our attempt to dive into the world of the Ibsen’s heroes, who have come through the past century to present days. We hope it will be an interesting experience for the theater and an audience that will come to see the new play "When we, the dead, wake up."
Director Saulius Varnas
Art Designer Tatiana Sokolovskaya
In the play are participated:
Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus Alexandr Shelkoplyasov, Maria Butrimovich, Alexandr Kologriv, Alexandr Demyanov, Oksana Plicus, Anna Ivanova, Dmitry Rubel, Yevgeny Pujaylo, Nikolai Vilimovich, Vasily Minich.
Duration: 2 hours with 1 interval
Opening date: 10th of March, 2019
Language: Russian

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